‘What would you do if you could be in two places at the same time’ – WIP

If I could be in two places at the same time I’d want to be on earth and in heaven. Because I would still be one person with one consciousness, I imagine that both places would sort of merge into each other in front of your eyes.

I decided to make a stained glass window to execute my idea. This goes well with the heaven-theme. Also by making it into a window you can still see the world behind the art-work. I think this adds to the idea of being in to places at once.

Work drawing
The drawing is placed under the glass on a light table, which makes it able to see the drawing once you put paint on the glass. I chose brown tined glass and made a transparent coat of brown and black paint. Than, with the same colour, I made the contour lines.
Me working on the first layer.




In the oven

Second layer. Putting a layer of paint over the whole surface for shading. When the paint is dry, you can scrape away what you don’t need.


Working on the final layer: adding colour.


After three times in the oven, my image is done.

Now it can be turned into a window!



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