Portrait of a classmate

In this assignment we had to interview a classmate whom we hadn’t talked to yet or who scared us a little. We had to find out something that was interesting about them and made them unique, and use that to create an image.

I interviewed Naomi, who seemed quite extravert to me and the introvert in me didn’t feel very confident about that. I learned that Naomi has learned that she can override the more introverted person. She also told me that she thinks about what she says way more than she used to and that she learned to listen.

In my image I wanted to incorporate that although Naomi is extravert, she is becoming more open to others. So a made an image in which she installed reception disks onto her head.

In the photo Naomi was quite dark and I thought that didn’t match the extravert personality I wanted to portray. And when I couldn’t get it quite right with changing the lighting etc. in photoshop I tried some filters. Although they did enable to make the image much lighter and more colorful, I don’t like how it made the overall image look.



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