A story about a bike

I heard frightening stories about students who lost over 26 bikes because they had stalled them at train stations. People who had chained their bikes to poles with several of the best locks they could find and return only to find them stripped of the wheels, lights, saddle and cranks. I heard stories about students that had gotten so frustrated with their bikes being stolen that they decided to steal bikes themselves.

And then there was me, first-time student and never before did I frequently travel with public transportation. So there I was, on the Friday of the first week of university, ready to travel back to my parents by train. My student room is not very far from the train station, about 1.5 kilometres. A distance that can very well be walked if it wasn’t for the luggage I was planning on taking back with me when I would travel back to Enschede at the end of the weekend. The amount of stuff I had to take with me for the fist week had learned me that 1.5 kilometres can feel like 15 when you aren’t used to walking with two backpacks filled with stuff.

So going by bike seemed like a way better option. A little frightened of the possibility that I wouldn’t find anything when I came back I cycled to the train station and chained my bike to a pole. I got on the train and when it left I realised that I had forgotten my click-on lights. Ah well, I’d worry about that after the weekend.

The whole weekend I didn’t think of my bike but when I came back my heart skipped a beat when I didn’t see it and there was another bike standing in the place where I had left mine. But when I looked closer I saw that it was in fact my bike and even my lights were still there. Bus also I suddenly had saddlebags. There was no one around and no bikes stalled directly next to mine, so I decided to tie them to my bike and take them with me.

Most often we loose something when we leave our bikes at public places, but this time I got something extra.


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