A little more than a week ago art school started. After a small warm up we continued with an exposition for which every new first year student had made an artwork.
The assignment was: make an object that emits light by itself.

I made an object with a pun using the word light: in Dutch ‘licht’ means light and ‘ligt’ (licht with a g) means lying down. I made a bucket called ‘lichtpotje’; light pot. But instead of a light, there is a person – made of electricity wire – lying down.


So far we did some model drawing, and also this week and next week there are introductions in the different ateliers. In these introductions we learn things like how to use the machines, so we can work with them later. It’s weird for me to be doing art the whole day and not think: actually I should be doing something else, like learning physics. I like it very much, haha.

Here are some of the model drawings I made. It was my first time model drawing and I loved it. It’s a nice way to experiment with how to look at something and translate that to a drawing.


Introduction in the graphic atelier, etching with cardboard:


Introduction to screen printing. Assignment: make a bird in a cage.