First Days

First days, struggles they are.
Waking up from nightmares about having to spend another day at high school. Picking favorite outfits and wait for the last hours of summer to pass.

Arriving at the new university to see other newbies with nervous looks on their faces. Teachers commenting that this is the most quiet first day they ever experienced. They probably forget about the silence: it’s such a common phrase to go along with first days that teachers probably use it every year.

And then those strange first social talks. A hesitant question asked, answered and followed by nervous silence. A cycle repeated until the silence persists or it is broken by the next activity.

Also frequently seen: small disappointment when one is asked for their name three, four, five times that day; and the other persons shame because they can’t remember it.

When the day end, cycling back to parent’s homes and student rooms, we realize that – in-between the akward moments – we had a great day.


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